Body Building Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Athletes, professional and amateur body builders alike wanted to maintain their lean muscle by exercising vigorously. They may spend several months in the gym to maintain their size and they may even strain themselves with heavy exercising just to keep with their desired weight and keep off fat.
Body building human growth hormone (HGH) however may help them in maintaining their lean body mass even without hitting the gym more often.
Body building HGH is an anabolic peptide hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. Its anabolic effects are normally exerted by stimulating protein synthesis and increasing growth and muscle mass. Increased HGH levels are found to be associated with 8.8 percent increase in lean muscle mass even without increasing exercise rate.
The ability of body building HGH to build muscles and its fat reduction properties makes body building HGH an important hormone for body builders. Knowing the HGH can generate quicker results than exercise, body builders tend to acquire body building HGH through injections.

Adverse Effects of Body Building HGH Injections

Athletes, in the hope of evading steroid tests often use body building HGH injections since it provides them similar results. These athletes however may come faced with dire consequences that could results from body building HGH injections.
Body building HGH injections contain the synthetic form of HGH. Though it is structurally and functionally similar with the naturally produced HGH, the body normally recognizes synthetic material loaded into it hence its presence may trigger adverse reactions.
Injecting the body with synthetic body building HGH may trick the brain into thinking that the body has a lot of supply of natural HGH hence the pituitary gland may not anymore need to produce it. It may be inevitable that in time, with continued body building HGH injections, the pituitary gland may atrophy and the body may become dependent to body building HGH injections for HGH supply.
Boosting Natural Production of Body Building HGH
The body produces sufficient amount of HGH but since it is used for various biological processes, it cannot suffice body building needs. There are however variety to way to increase the body’s natural production of body building HGH. Some supplements come in the form of pills or sprays making it more convenient than injections.
Sytropin is the best body building HGH production boosters. Sytropin contains only natural ingredients that work well with the body making it safe and effective in boosting natural production of body building HGH. With Sytropin, body builders need not worry about any adverse reactions since it does not feed the body with synthetic materials.

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